I am the ARCHITECT of my life, I BUILD its foundation and CHOOSE its contents.

Today, I am brimming with energy and OVERFLOWING with JOY.

My body is HEALTHY, my mind is BRILLIANT, my soul is TRANQUIL.

I am SUPERIOR to negative THOUGHTS, and low actions

I have been given ENDLESS TALENTS, which I begin to UTILIZE each day

I FORGIVE those who have harmed me from my past and PEACEFULLY DETACH from them

A river of compassion WASHES AWAY my anger and replaces it with LOVE

I am GUIDED in my every step by spirit, who LEADS ME towards what I must know and do

My relationship is becoming STRONGER, and more STABLE each day.

I possess QUALITIES needed, to be extremely SUCCESSFUL.


Creative energy SURGES through me, and LEADS ME to new and BRILLIANT ideas.

HAPPINESS is a choice, and I base my happiness on my OWN ACCOMPLISHMENTS & the BLESSINGS I have been given.

My ability to CONQUER my challenges is LIMITLESS, my potential to succeed is INFINITE.

Each day, I AM CLOSER to finding the income source that is RIGHT FOR ME.

I am COURAGEOUS to STAND UP for myself.

My thoughts are filled with POSITIVITY, and my life is PLENTIFUL with PROSPERITY.

Today I ABANDON my old HABITS, and TAKE UP new more positive ones.

Many people look up to me, and recognize MY WORTH, I am ADMIRED!

I am BLESSED with incredible FAMILY and wonderful FRIENDS.

I acknowledge my own SELF-WORTH and my own SELF-CONFIDENCE is SOARING.

Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate GOOD.


Today, these times are difficult, but they are only a SHORT PHASE of my life.

My future is an IDEAL PROJECTION of what I ENVISION now.

My efforts are being SUPPORTED by the UNIVERSE.

My dreams MANIFEST into REALITY right before my eyes.

I radiate BEAUTY, CHARM, and GRACE.

I am CONQUERING MY ILLNESS; I am DEFEATING it steadily each day.

I declare HEALTH on my body, my obstacles are MOVING out of my way;

My path is carved towards GREATNESS.

I wake up today with STRENGTH in my heart and CLARITY in my mind.

My fears of tomorrow are simply MELTING AWAY.

I am AT PEACE, with all that HAS happened, IS happening, and WILL happen.

My nature is DIVINE; I am SPIRITUAL, and my life is JUST BEGINNING.