We want to help people master machine learning and stay ahead of the AI technology curve.

– Alex Seguin, Co-Founder

From self-driving cars and autonomous robotics to data analytics and consumer electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology is playing a significant role in the world today.

As part of the De-Risking Strategies family, AI/ML Technology Solutions provides the tools for anyone from middle-school students to working professionals to gain hands-on experience in this space and start developing with AI/ML.


Products and Integrations

By incorporating AI/ML technology with robotics and other hardware, we seek to provide solutions with optimized functionality.

Consulting and ML Services

Consultation on custom ML use cases and model-generation services for specific object recognition and applications.

Education and Training

Starting in Central Texas and expanding across the country, we're partnering with schools to advance AI/ML education.

New Product: eXeL AI ™
Development Kit

Our hands-on dev kit provides an all-in-one platform for learning about and building with AI/ML technology, establishing a foundation for future expansions with AI, robotics and other integrations.


Alex Seguin

  • 15+ years marketing and portfolio management
  • Product launches in thermal, acoustic, industrial imaging, cloud platform
  • Engineering, University of Texas
  • MBA, Auburn University
  • Harvard Business Analytics Program
  • U.S. Air Force Veteran

Bart Mooyman-Beck

Technology Director/Co-Founder
  • 25+ years technology development
  • Product launches in chipsets and servers, thermal and acoustic imagers, space-craft electronics, advanced CMOS processes
  • Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University


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